Word of the Day: 바닷가 - beach
이번 주말에는 바닷가에 갈 거에요.
I will probably go to the beach this weekend.

Why Study With Us?

Learn Korean Now offers in-depth Korean language lessons covering from Beginner's topics such as introducing the alphabet through more challenging lessons for those who are ready for it. There are many reasons why people love learning at Learn Korean Now - here are the top three.

1. In-Depth Grammar

First and foremost, our lessons are more detailed than your average courses. Most online courses or programs cover a wide range of topics with little depth and detail. We take a different approach. Rather than introduce phrases covering a random assortment of topics, we build a strong foundation so that you can create your own communication.

Our grammar lessons are in-depth covering all the nuances of the grammar and language yet still easy to understand and presented using an informal style of teaching. We start with the basics and continue to build upon the foundation as readers progress through the lessons at their own pace.

2. Affordable Solution

Users also love our prices. We strive to be the most affordable solution for learning Korean while still including all the premium features such as native audio for all Korean on the site (try it by clicking the Korean text on the chalkboard) and spaced repetition review for our already detailed grammar lessons.

Better yet, we do not force long contracts to obtain our lower rates, so there shouldn't be any surprises. Our goal is to help all of you learn Korean efficiently at the best rates possible.

3. Learner's Perspective

All lessons are written from the perspective of a learner. We learned Korean as well, so we know what it is like to have to study the language. We present the material we found the most useful early on in the lessons to give all of you a quick start into the important concepts.

Of course, we also have native Koreans who help out along the way - this ensures that the lessons are accurate and all the details are discussed properly. They also help out with the native Korean audio so you can hear exactly what each and every word, sentence, and phrase should sound like.

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