Word of the Day: 재판관 - judge
재판관이 되려면 공부를 많이 해야 해요.
I have to study a lot to be a judge.

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Hello, Russell Holloway here. Before I dive into details about what the site has to offer, I invite you sign up for the free trial and simply see for yourself. It is completely free and does not require any payment or personal information other than your email address, so you really have nothing to lose.

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  • In-Depth Lessons Taught with YOU in Mind

    We strive to offer the best, most detailed Korean lessons available. Most online courses cover a wide range of topics with little detail - you could say they are "a mile wide and an inch deep"! We take a different approach, trying to cover the core, foundation topics in great detail, and then expanding upon those to increase your control over the language.

    Having a strong foundation in the language will allow you to create your own sentences and give you more power to do what you like with the language. Once you have the foundation, learning new grammar topics becomes much easier.

  • Full Audio for all Korean on the Site

    You will also be able to understand spoken Korean, as well as speak it effectively yourself. All Korean on the site will have audio recorded by a native Korean. This means that you will be able to hear the correct pronunciation for each and every word on the site. What this really means to you is that you will be able to correctly speak Korean and be able to understand native Koreans when they speak Korean.

    Go ahead, give it a try. Click the Korean on the chalkboard above. We will wait :-)

    The native Korean voice in the audio files is a neutral and native voice, free of dialects.

  • Integrated and Supplemental Vocabulary

    Vocabulary is integrated throughout the site. Grammar lessons introduce vocabulary used in the sample sentences. Reading passages will define and new vocabulary terms as well. We also have a dedicated section to some common vocabulary lists so you can jump right in and learn certain vocabulary.

    Remember, all Korean has audio so you can get the pronunciation right the first time and avoid the embarassment of pronouncing a word incorrectly! There is no need to go back and fix pronunciation at a later date, which can happen when studying from lists without audio.

  • Practice Vocabulary Through Flashcards

    These aren't just your standard flashcards, but instead we use an incremental strategy to show you words you understand quickly less often and words you struggle with more often. You no longer have to waste time reviewing unnecessary items and can be sure you remember to review old words from time to time. This ensures the quickest learning and longest lasting vocabulary recall, and best of all we do all of the tracking for you.

  • Hangul Used in Lessons - Read / Write in the Native Alphabet

    All lessons are also written using Hangul, or the native Korean alphabet. Unfortunately for Korean language enthusiasts, many sites have Korean vocabulary or lessons written using the Roman (English) alphabet. This limits how well someone can learn Korean, and nobody enjoys limits. But don't worry - it's one of the easiest alphabets in the world to learn!

    Since we use Hangul, we have a specific section dedicated to teaching it. You will learn how to both read and write, with excellent pronunciation, all in just a few lessons. The main method used for teaching Hangul uses audio. We have nearly 500 audio files (currently 470 to be exact) that we use to teach an alphabet consisting of less than 40 letters - a bit of an overkill, but there is no doubt you will come out sounding like a pro!

  • Access Content from any Internet-Ready Device

    You can access the lessons and material from any device connected to the internet and no longer need to be confined to a computer with software or plugins installed on it. Our site was designed with desktop, tablet, and mobile devices in mind.

    You also will never need to carry those heavy textbooks around again.

  • Regular Updates and Improvements

    We try to regularly improve upon the site, add new lessons, features, and increase the value of your membership at no cost to you. Once you subscribe, you lock in your membership rate and have access to everything we offer regardless of how many new features are added.

  • Fast, Easy, and Useable

    We aim for a professional, attractive look yet highly useable across any modern browser. Usability is a key feature, because we want you to learn and succeed with little frustration. Don't spend time waiting or trying to figure things out, installing plugins, or trying to get features to work. Your time is more important than that - use it to the fullest.

    The grammar lessons are written in a way so that you will be able to read them casually yet grasp all of the concepts. Each lesson is written with you with mind.

  • Learner's Perspective

    All lessons are written from the perspective of a learner. I learned Korean as well, so I know what it is like to study the language. The material found most useful is presented early on to help get you what's most important early on.

    Of course, we also have native Koreans who help along the way. This ensures the lessons are accurate and audio files are recorded without an accent or dialect.

  • Most Affordable Solution

    We strive to offer the most affordable, always low price solution to learning the Korean language. Other online courses cost more, and some significantly more when adding on additional features such as audio and quizzes - remember, we include them here as standard features.

    There shouldn't be any surprises when signing up - we do not force you into a 1 or 2 year contract to obtain our listed prices as some competitors do.

    We also aim to be cheaper than textbooks while offering the advantages of an interactive course. Our yearly subscription is cheaper than some textbooks while containing significantly more benefits.

  • Instantly Available Upon Purchase - No Waiting!

    In just a few moments, you can be learning Korean properly with an incredibly strong foundation in the language. Your membership is instantly activated upon purchase - join our Korean learning community now.

You can read through the descriptions of the features above by clicking on a feature. However, the easiest way to learn about the site is to simply sign up for the free trial and discover the features for yourself. A picture says a thousand words, and a free full access trial says many more!