Word of the Day: 바닷가 - beach
이번 주말에는 바닷가에 갈 거에요.
I will probably go to the beach this weekend.

About Us

Meet The Team

Russell Holloway

Hello! - nice to meet you!

My name is Russell Holloway and I am not a native Korean. Surprised? I'm just like you - a language enthusiast who loves foreign languages. Korean just happens to be my favorite language. Other languages that I study are Spanish and Japanese, with a possibility of French in the near future.

I've been studying Korean ever since I met my half-Korean girlfriend, Anna, years ago. Want to know a little secret? I only began learning Korean because I wanted to impress her mother (a native Korean). I thought it might give me a few "brownie points" and a little boost towards her good side. I guess it worked!

Originally I was only going to learn a few basic words. However, if you've actually started learning Korean, you've probably realized it's not that easy to quit - Korean is addicting! Ever since I began, I've been unable to stop studying Korean and Korean culture.

I've purchased book after book after book in order to learn Korean. Some are good, others are not. I've also searched the web just like you have done trying to find sites that teach Korean and Korean culture. There are not too many out there, and most of the sites available provide little quality content. They either did not go as in-depth as I would have liked, used Romanization (a method I never liked), or the content was simply poor.

I've also been to South Korea and lived with my girlfriends' family there, experiencing practically everything Korean - and definitely hitting all the hot tourist spots!

Other than my passion for Korean, I have a big passion for computers, so I decided to combine my two passions, computers and Korean, into an online Korean course, and it has been growing ever since!

You will find me around on the site adding new features, lessons, and improving the use of the site so you can study more efficiently.

Hyun Lee

Hyun is our native speaker here at Learn Korean Now. Where would we be without her? Hyun records all of our audio, works on lessons, quizzes, and vocabulary, and ensures that you learn correct Korean pronunciation and grammar when learning here at Learn Korean Now.

History Of The Online Course

Learn Korean Language was the first version of this website - it offered Korean lessons to anyone who dropped by for a visit. Korean culture was discussed on top of the lessons, as we tried to create a site that could actually be useful to someone who wanted a true Korean education that went beyond the basics of "hello" and "goodbye".

Learn Korean Language prospered and grew in traffic, but it still couldn't offer everything needed to properly learn Korean. There was no way a user could test what they had learned or interact with other learners. Furthermore, it wasn't possible to add quality audio for the Korean words. It was time for a change...

Learn Korean Language Formed

To solve the problems that Learn Korean Language had, Learn Korean Now formed. Learn Korean Now offers everything that the previous site could not offer - user interaction, quizzes, and best of all - audio. Learn Korean Now is better equipped for the larger traffic as well, resulting in better performance for visitors.

With some long hours and a lot of passion, Learn Korean Now is ready to provide visitors with in-depth Korean lessons that will take your Korean to the next level.

Why not check out everything it has to offer for yourself?