Word of the Day: 재판관 - judge
재판관이 되려면 공부를 많이 해야 해요.
I have to study a lot to be a judge.


Hangul Lesson One

If you are just starting to learn Korean, this is the first lesson you should cover. We will cover the vowels of the alphabet in these two sections.

Hangul Lesson Two

After learning the vowels, you must learn the consonants. The following two lessons cover the consonants and how we combine them with the vowels you have previously learned from Lesson One.

Hangul Lesson Three

While Hangul is mostly regular, there are a few irregular pronunciations used that make speaking certain words easier. The following section will introduce these situations so that you can sound like a native.

Hangul Lesson Four

The following section consists of tongue twisters in Korean. We recommend that you visit this section for some fun listening and speaking exercises only after you are comfortable with Korean. This section is not required in order to know how to read or speak Korean, but you may enjoy the challenge.