Word of the Day: 가깝다 - to be close (distance)
Is it close?

A Journey Through South Korea

Another aspect of a full Korean aspect is learning the culture. One way to do that is by visiting the country and exploring all it has to offer.

Unfortunately, that may not be an option all the time. People have jobs, children, other monetary priorities, among other things that may interfere with travel. So...

Why not bring Korea to the people? You may or may not be able to travel, but you can certainly experience what it is like to be in Korea. I've put together a 28 day journey based on my previous trip to South Korea, and through that journey we will both experience many aspects of South Korea.

We will explore all the tourist areas across the country, everyday home life, food, shopping, travel, and everything else a native Korean experiences in South Korea. And we can't forget to stop by the PC rooms and Noraebang's while we are there!

So let's go get started. We're about to take off and live with Korean families for the next month. Come on and join us ;-)

Day 01 - Arrival in South Korea - Incheon International Airport and a Korean Apartment Explored

Day 02 - Downtown Seoul, The Movies, and... Burger King?

Day 03 - Korean Pizza, a Glance at the North Korean Border, and the Provence Area

Day 04 - Everland Amusement Park, the Improved Version of Disney World

Day 05 - E-Mart and Prices, A Kick to the Rear of Wal-Mart

Day 06 - Subway in Seoul, Palaces, Museums, and Popular Shopping Districts Explored

Day 07 - Relaxing Day of Church and Underground Shopping

Day 08 - Chinatown, Jayu Park, Wolmi and Yongchong Islands, Dinner on the Roof

Day 09 - Taking the Train, Let's Move to Daegu

Day 10 - Subway in Daegu, Lotte Department Store - Every Woman's Dream

Day 11 - A Real Korean Meal, Daegaya Museum, and Temple in the Mountains

Day 12 - PC Bang and a Move to Changwon.

Day 13 - Let's visit Haeundae Beach in Pusan and Enjoy the Outback

Day 14 - Downtown Changwon, Shopping in Changwon, and Acupressure

Day 15 - The Return To Daegu, Let's Take the Bus

Day 16 - Downtown Daegu and the World Cup South Korean Style

Day 17 - Let's Try Out Another PC Bang

Day 18 - What to Eat, Debec Plaza, Garden 12 Stories in the Air, and Another Amusement Park

Day 19 - Underground Shopping in Daegu and a Note on Public Restrooms

Day 20 - Pizza Hut and Another Noraebang - Let's Sing!

The final 8 days of the journey are coming soon!