Word of the Day: 건강하다 - to be healthy
우리 할아버지가 건강하지 않아요.
Our grandfather isn't healthy.


Intermediate Lesson One

This lesson covers the plain style of speech. We will learn endings such as ㄴ다, 냐, 니, 라, and 자 here.

Intermediate Lesson Two

This lesson covers quotations in speech. We will learn both direct and indirect quotations, both of which are more useful than you might think.

Intermediate Lesson Three

This lesson covers ways to change verbs into nouns. We will learn the use of 기, (으)ㄴ / 는 것, along with many different phrases that use the grammar points.

Intermediate Lesson Four

This lesson provides an in-depth study of Korean adverbs, or 부사, which are slightly different than English adverbs. This lesson will cover many different adverbs, conjunctions, and other topics classified under Korean adverbs. This lesson is still under construction, but it covers a lot so feel free to get started with this while we finish up the rest of the lesson.