Word of the Day: 공식 - formula
수학 공식은 어려워요.
Math formulas are difficult.

Beginner's Korean Lessons

Welcome to Beginner's Korean! Don't let the name fool you - by the time you graduate from these lessons, you will already be well on your way to Korean mastery.

If you are just beginning to learn Korean, then this is the place for you. These courses cover everything from the basic vocabulary all the way through writing sentences, paragraphs, and participating in every day conversations. In fact, if you learn everything that is in this section and master it, all while studying vocabulary, you can carry out normal every day conversations, and Korean speakers will understand what you are talking about.

If you are looking for your very first lesson in Korean, however, we recommend you swing by the Learn Hangul section of the site first. Since Korean is written using a different alphabet than English, you should probably learn to read it before you dive into the lessons ;-) We don't play around here - there won't be any Romanization in these lessons unless it is needed - after you complete the Learn Hangul section, you will be able to read and write any Korean word with great pronunciation. Best of all, Hangul, the Korean alphabet, is very easy and quick to learn. A few solid, focused hours in that section will provide you with everything you need to read and write in a completely new alphabet - now that's pretty exciting!

If you have completed the lessons in Hangul, then you're in the right place. We're about to dive into the Korean language and build the strongest foundation in a foreign language possible. These lessons will get you ready to study Korean at an advanced level, without having to return and practice the basics later. We're going to learn it the right way from the beginning.

So let's get started! Here we go...

If you are unsure of how to proceed through these lessons, check out the brief Recommended Learning Tips and Lesson Order so you can begin on the right track. Of course, you can proceed and "drive through" the lessons in any method you wish, but we feel it would be best to provide you with a "road map" to get you started ;-)

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Essential Grammar Lessons


Foundations - How It's All Structured
First Vocabulary

Lesson One

Essential Verbs Vocabulary
Greetings Conversation Vocabulary
Greetings Conversation
Essential Verbs Introduction
Polite Essential Verbs
Casual Essential Verbs
Formal Essential Verbs

Lesson Two

SOT Vocabulary
SOT Conversation Vocabulary
SOT Conversations
Subject, Object, and Topic Particles

Lesson Three

Essential Adjectives Vocabulary
Essential Adjectives Conversation
Essential Adjectives

Lesson Four

Locations Vocabulary
Locations Conversation

Lesson Five

Counting Vocabulary
Counting Conversation

Lesson Six

Past Tense Vocabulary
Past Tense Conversation
Past Tense

Lesson Seven

Telling Time
Telling Time Conversations

Lesson Eight

Various Particles
Various Particles Conversation

Lesson Nine

Connectivity Part One - Ways To Say 'And'
Connectivity Part Two - Other Conjunctions
Connectivity Conversations

Lesson Ten

Negating Verbs and Sentences
Negation Conversations

Lesson Eleven

Future Tense Introduction
Future Endings
Future Applied To Past Base
More Future Examples
Future Conversation

Lesson Twelve

Modify & Move Verbs
Modify & Move Adjectives
Modify & Move - Examples
Modify & Move - Conversations

Lesson Thirteen

Modals - I Want, I Need, I Can, I May...
Modals - More Examples
Modals - Conversations

Lesson Fourteen

Common Verb Endings
Common Verb Endings - More Examples
Common Verb Endings - Conversations

Lesson Fifteen

Generalize - Vocabulary
Generalize Those Nouns
Generalize Those Nouns - More Examples
Generalize Those Nouns - Conversations

Lesson Sixteen

Purpose - Vocabulary
State Your Purpose
State Your Purpose - More Examples
State Your Purpose - Conversation

Lesson Seventeen

Because - Using 서 and 으니까
Because Conversations

Lesson Eighteen

Conditionals and Uses of 면
Conditional Conversations

Vocabulary Lessons

Clothing Terms
Color Terms
Body Terms
Household Terms - Challenge!
Delicious Fruits and Vegetables
Activities Around the Home (Verbs)
Places Around Town
School Terms
Web Lingo - Common Words On Korean Sites
Family Vocabulary - Discussing Relationships